Tanzania energy industry is mainly dominated by the fuel-wood (charcoal and firewood) in both urban and rural areas. The commercial energy sources which are mainly petroleum and electricity are used by minority mainly in urban areas. The electricity is mainly provided by TANESCO which is a public owned organization.

The national energy policy, aims to establish an efficient energy production, procurement, transportation, distribution and end-use systems in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner. This calls for a great investment opportunity since the industry is still growing and it has a very promising future. With the discovery of oil and gas deposits in Tanzania, increase of training experts and more exploration of other energy sources, the great need for investment is undeniable.

ISHARA has collaborated with several experts in this sector with great experience and influence in this Industry. The company goal is to ensure that you have the right knowledge to explore this industry and take calculated risks in benefitting from it through better business and technical strategies. By understanding the policies of the country concerning this industry, ISHARA also foresees the upcoming opportunities to explore within the legal boundaries.