Tanzania being a developing country, she has greatly improved its infrastructure connecting the whole country by road transport. However, that calls for more improvement in most cities considering the heavy traffics. This calls for a great opportunity for more innovation in the ground transportation sector including the building of fly over roads, enlarging of the roads to allow fast movement of public transport cars and the recently launched electric train, without forgetting the increase of sophisticated ships that has boosted the use of water transportation.

The Aviation industry have been growing tremendously especially the revival of the National airline and the purchase of new aircraft that will clearly facilitate the easy movement of Tanzanians across the world. The government bought two CS300 jetliners and one Q400 turboprop aircraft. The country received delivery of two other Bombardier Q400 planes in Sept. 2016, Boeing 787 Dreamliner is expected to be delivered on June 2018 and would boost Air Tanzania's fleet to seven planes with the vision of having direct flights from Tanzania to all continents reducing the logistic difficulties of the tourists. However, this sector still calls for investment since the demand is very high especially for freight transfer and there are very few companies providing that service now.